Google Meet’s “green room” provides an overview of your audio and video quality

Google has launched a new feature for Meet This can make sure your video and audio are working properly before joining a meeting. Although you can already check your surroundings for anything that you don’t want the other party to see in a “Ready to join?” Call. video preview window, Meet’s new “green room” feature can do more than that. Now, when you join a meeting, you can click the “Check your audio and video” button in the preview window to confirm that your devices and network are working properly before entering.

The tech giant says it can help you spot issues, such as poor sound quality and loud background noise, muted microphones, and a missing speaker or headphone connection. If the feature detects a problem, Meet will show you a warning with troubleshooting tips for common issues, such as how to grant your browser access to your microphone or camera. You’ll also be able to choose which mic, speaker, and camera you want to use – in case you have any external devices plugged in – inside the green room. The feature has now started rolling out to Google Workspace and G Suite users and will be available to everyone within the next 15 days.

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