Google backs Biden’s immigration plan and backs US “Dreamer” program | Migration news

US President-elect Biden plans to reform immigration after Trump’s restrictions on foreign workers that have hurt tech companies.

Alphabet Inc’s Google has said it will support President-elect Joe Biden’s efforts to pass new immigration law in the United States and help cover application fees for immigrants seeking legal work under ‘a threatened government program.

Google said on Wednesday that its philanthropic arm would pay the application fees for about 500 young immigrants seeking employment under the Deferred Action Program for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

It comes as Google and other large American employers spend four years criticizing incumbent President Donald Trump for restricting immigration policy and undermining the ability of companies to hire foreign-born workers.

Biden said last week he would propose unspecified immigration legislation to Congress “immediately” after taking office on January 20. Biden’s Democratic Party will control Congress, increasing the chances of his ideas becoming law.

“We will support the efforts of the new Congress and the new administration to enact comprehensive immigration reform that improves job-based visa programs that improve US competitiveness, give greater assurance to immigrant workers and employers , and promotes better and more humane border security and immigration handling practices, ”said Kent Walker, senior vice president of Google, in a blog post.

Walker added that would donate $ 250,000 to the United We Dream organization, which helps immigrants living illegally in the United States after arriving as children obtain work permits and avoid deportation using the DACA.

Broken dreams

An expected court ruling soon threatens to suspend renewals and applications for those permits, Walker said. The recipients are often called “dreamers”.

Several other big tech companies in statements this week echoed their support for the immigration changes.

Uber Technologies Inc said it welcomes “the effort of the new administration to reform our country’s immigration system,” and Inc said it will continue to advocate for the interests of “Dreamers” .

Brian Huseman, vice president of public policy for Inc, said the company looks forward to working with the Biden team to “advance common sense solutions” to immigration.

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