Formlabs launches its first SLS 3D printer for in-house prototyping

The three most common types of plastic 3D printing are FDM, SLA, and SLS. Home 3D printers, depositing molten plastic filament droplets, use the molten deposition modeling process. Formlabs made a name for themselves with SLS, or Stereolithography, which uses a laser to harden the droplets of liquid resin into a shape. SLS, or selective laser sintering, uses a laser to fuse plastic powder particles together, building a pattern as new layers of powder are deposited on the pattern.

Naturally, with SLS a lot of the powder doesn’t get turned into a template, and Fuse 1 was designed to take this waste into account. Formlabs also sells the Fuse Sift, which will remove and clean up unused energy, allowing it to be reused in future construction. The hope is that more than 70% of the nylon can be reused, significantly reducing waste and costs.

Unfortunately, the Formlabs Fuse 1 is not yet the kind of thing you can afford unless you own your own design business. Its price is $ 18,499, while the Fuse Sift will set you back an additional $ 9,000.

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