ford, data for road safety

There would be fewer accidents if drivers could talk to each other about accidents and other potentially dangerous obstacles. This is why Ford has started sharing their own automotive data, which includes airbag activation, emergency braking and the use of fog lights, with other manufacturers. In theory, these signals are a good indication of something problematic on the road. Once this information has been sent to the cloud, it can be distributed to other drivers who take a similar route. According to Ford, these alerts can also be passed to emergency services, increasing their overall awareness and hopefully shortening response times.

Ford has been working on this service for some time. Twelve months ago, the manufacturer launched Local Hazard Information, which collects and shares the necessary data with other Ford vehicles, on its new Puma. The company also pledged that “more than 80 percent” of its “passenger vehicle lineup” would benefit from the data sharing service by the end of the year.

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