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Freelancers, Founders, Creators, and Organizers are often lumped together with a single term, but this one model doesn’t suit anyone.

You could be an entrepreneur, building a large business by borrowing money to buy machinery or to develop a market, focused on creating value, improving your financial leverage and possibly selling the business when she reaches her ladder.

Or you could be a bootstrapper, focused on avoiding funding and building a profitable organization as it grows. It is a different discipline from the first to the last moment, a discipline that brings freedom and responsibility.

You may be a freelance, get paid when you work, and be aware that your work and your profession make a difference. The only way a freelancer can have a bigger impact is to have better clients, which is a project in itself.

And you may commit to performing a small business, the backbone of our culture, a profession that works at the right scale and doesn’t really care what business magazines have to say.

Hope you’re not a techie, building an imaginary billion dollar business even though it doesn’t have a visible business model.

You could luckily be a impresario, someone who produces, arranges and orchestrates an event or a movement. (I just posted, a long lost lecture on this).

Whatever you choose, choose! Being confused, seeking the best of each one while experiencing the worst of all is not the way to go.

India creates possibilities, shapes culture and makes things better. We need you more than ever.

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