Fender packs Mustang sounds into its new personal guitar amplifier

Fender is launch the Mustang Micro, a new staff guitar amplifier that uses tones from Mustang range GTX amps. As many personal amps, the box is designed to plug into your guitar, from which you can play with wired or bluetooth headphones. The unit features 12 boost modes and 13 effects, and the company says it’s a “wide range of clean and dirty sounds.”

The Mustang Micro will last four hours on a single charge, and you can both recharge and update the firmware through the USB-C port. In addition, the hardware will allow you to sync your Bluetooth in time with an audio or video stream so that you can learn to play along with the song you are trying to learn. Plus, you’ll get it all in a package that’s small enough to take anywhere you want. The Mustang Micro will be available in April and will cost $ 100.

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