Facebook wants to reduce political content in the news feed

Zuckerberg did not specify exactly how Facebook might change the news feed or how it would determine what it considers “political.” He was quick to point out that he was still committed to “free expression” and did not want to limit the ability of users to express political opinions, but that the company would respond to “comments” from users. indicating that political content is unpopular.

Of course, political struggles have been a mainstay of most users’ newsfeeds for much of Facebook’s 15 years of existence. And it’s unclear to what extent Facebook will be able to influence the behavior of its users – many of whom already believe the company is censoring views it disagrees with.

But it’s yet another sign that Facebook wants to lower the temperature on its platform after the 2020 election and the violence that followed in Washington DC. Facebook has faces criticism for the role his rig played in the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

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