Facebook files to dismiss FTC antitrust charges

Facebook says antitrust lawsuits targeting the company’s Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions should be rejected. The company released its first official response to antitrust charges by the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general, saying the government was looking to “make a change.”

The company’s response comes three months after the company was hit antitrust charges of the FTC as well as 48 state attorneys general. Both cases allege that Facebook engaged in anti-competitive behavior and that its Instagram and WhatsApp acquisition deals were aimed at neutralizing companies they saw as a threat.

In a new court filingFacebook attorneys say the FTC “has not alleged facts amounting to a plausible antitrust case” and that the accusations come amid “a tense environment of relentless criticism of Facebook on matters totally unrelated to antitrust concerns.” Regarding the case of State GAs, Facebook says that States “do not have standing to bring the case” and that they “have waited far too long to act”.


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