Facebook appoints local representative in Turkey in accordance with amended law

Facebook has said it will appoint a legal entity as a local representative in Turkey in order to comply with that country’s amendment to its Internet Law No. 5651.

The amendment, which the Turkish parliament passed last July, requires social media companies with services accessible from the country more than a million times a day to appoint permanent representatives in Turkey and store user data. located in the country in Turkey.

The social network said the move did not change its community standards or its global process for reviewing government requests, adding that it would remove the representative if he was pressured on any of those points. .

Facebook said in an article published in the press room: “More than half of the people of Turkey rely on Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family, to express their opinions and develop their businesses… We remain committed to the Turkish community and the maintenance of free access. expression and other human rights in Turkey. “

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