Ex-Facebook Exec Rob Leathern Joins Google

It’s out of the pan and into the fire for Rob leathern, as he left one of the most controlled companies in the tech industry to join another of the most controlled companies in the tech industry.

Leathern rang the new year by Tweeter By January 1, his nearly four years at Facebook ended on December 30, when he stepped down as head of business integrity product management.

He said in his tweet: “Working on business, ad integrity and trust at Facebook has been my most rewarding professional experience. Although it can be difficult and demanding work at times, the passionate and dedicated team I have worked with have accomplished a lot in recent years. And after? While I won’t be working on the ads directly, this will be part of what I’m working on, as I will stay in the tech / data / privacy space. “

Leathern remains in the tech / data / privacy space, Tweeter On Tuesday, he will join Google’s privacy and data protection office to lead product development, as vice president of product, privacy and data protection.

He tweeted, “I look forward to working with Google’s team of privacy and security engineers who are focused on integrating advanced protections into the products you use every day. This work is guided by the principles of handling your information responsibly, protecting it with automatic security, and keeping you in control with easy-to-use settings. “

Leathern joined Facebook in February 2017 as Director of Product Management after starting early Facebook Ads API (application programming interface) partner Optimal.

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