Elon Musk fixes some Model 3 production issues

In a conversation with Canadian-American automotive engineer Sandy Munro, Tesla chief Elon Musk explained some of the Model 3’s production issues. sitting with Musk for an interview at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas, where he asked the executive why some Teslas appear to be in trouble while others appear to be pristine. Chief Tesla replied that it took the company a while to smooth out the production process and it was difficult to get everything right during the car’s production ramp-up.

If you remember, Tesla had problem solving production bottlenecks on the Model 3 line, and it took a few months to reach the type of volume the company was targeting. One of the problems that the Model 3 suffered, like Inside EVs reported last year there were paint issues – some cars had paint that was thinning in places and had chipping and paint imperfections. Now Musk has admitted that some cars haven’t had enough time to dry.

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