Disney Releases Interactive Short ‘Baymax Dreams’ On GeForce Now

The Sundance Film Festival isn’t happening this year – not in person, anyway – so creators are finding new ways to showcase their creations. Disney folks, for example, offer an interactive short film via NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, a streaming service that typically focuses on blockbuster games. Any user can search Baymax Dreams of Fred’s Glitch and live the charming but too brief adventure, which focuses on the casting of Great hero 6. As you may have guessed, Baymax suffers from a lovable but destructive creature. With a little help from Fred, it’s your job to contain the threat and fix Baymax’s programming.

Throughout the short film, you will see a variety of markers that allow you to eliminate the problem. They look like Quick Events (QTE) – tiny moments of interactivity that keep the experience from getting too stale. According to Nvidia, they’re a bit more complicated than that. “These elements allow the public to do more than just choose the path of the story – it gives them agency,” the company explained. in a blog post. “The characters in the episode may respond positively or negatively depending on the speed and effectiveness of participation.” (Maybe I should play it a few times …)

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