CoverFX CEO talks about leadership lessons and setting examples for your family

Emily culp is all about positive mantras, an amazing trait to have as the CEO and leader of a clean high performance beauty brand for all skin types and tones. A self-proclaimed optimist, Emily believes in the power of hard work and innovation, evidenced by her role as CEO overseeing brand, sales, product innovation and development, operations and finance.

Throughout her career she has learned essential lessons to be a leader: Set a clear vision for your team, provide context for the decisions you make, and surround yourself with a group of diverse perspectives. But it’s not just about career triumphs for Emily in terms of success. “On a personal level, it means being there with my family to the best of my ability when I’m not working.” She believes in the power to set an example for your children and not only to teach them humility and grace, but also to live them.

Learn about Emily’s positive mantras as a leader, how she overcame gender bias in the workplace, and her golden tips on how best to prepare for those tough pay negotiation conversations.

How did you get where you are today?

It’s a combination of many factors: a constant drive to innovate, a lot of hard work, supportive leaders, great opportunities to work on world-class global brands, a family that is steadfast in their support and that starts in the digital / electronic commerce industry at the time of its formation.

Starting in an industry as it was formed was extremely important. I learned early on to accept smart risk because no one had done it before. Finally, I learned early on how important your team is and how essential it is to set a clear vision, hold them accountable and set priorities.

Women often attribute a large part of their success to supporting the people with whom they surround themselves. How do you maintain strong professional relationships throughout your career?

I am a firm believer in the idea of ​​“all boats rise”. I am optimistic / realistic – I believe I can learn something from each person I meet and I in turn hope that I can contribute too. I am fortunate to have a large group of professional men and women around me. It is important to have a diverse group so that you can contact them on a variety of topics ranging from business to individuals.

I believe that I can learn something from every person I meet.

I talk to someone in my ecosystem every day whether it’s on the phone, text, or email. One of the most valuable assets we all have beyond our health is time, so I am pondering the idea of ​​’giving’ and ‘receiving’ and therefore feel extremely lucky for friends and colleagues. whom I have met over the years.

What is the way you have invested in yourself that has had the most impact in your career? And during the past year?

Obtaining my MBA was a significant investment of time and money. I really loved the perspective and the connections it brought me.

This year, I stopped watching TV and decided to devote more time to reading. I really believe it opens your world to so many ideas, people, etc. and I make sure to do it every day (even at very late hours) for 20 minutes.

How do you see work-life integration, especially now, and what advice can you share with others who may be struggling with it?

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