Contactless technology mimics the ability to press an elevator button

In their COVID-19[FEMININE page d’information, à la fois CDC et le QUI avertissez les gens de ne pas toucher leur visage avec des mains non lavées, car le virus peut survivre sur des surfaces. Il y a eu une augmentation de l’utilisation des technologies sans contact en conséquence, et le studio singapourien Stuck Design envisage un monde dans lequel les passagers n’auront même pas à appuyer sur les boutons de l’ascenseur avec leurs doigts pour se rendre là où ils doivent aller. La technologie Kinetic Touchless du studio peut imiter le mouvement de ses doigts et recréer la réponse tactile en appuyant sur un bouton.

It works by using motion as the input method, so it doesn’t need direct contact and can mimic motion from a distance. The studio says the kind of contactless interaction its technology offers can be applied to various gestures as well. This means that buttons using the technology can either push inward or move outward if the user performs a pushing or pulling motion. A row of buttons can also follow the user’s finger if they make a sliding motion.

Stuck design

Stuck Design says most of the non-contact interactions that have arisen due to COVID-19 use a “static sensor with a light or a buzz to indicate an activated button.” He added, “Going beyond the expected return of light and sound, Kinetic Touchless offers a surprisingly enjoyable and yet newly familiar way of interacting with contactless technology.” The studio has already created a working prototype, as shown in the GIF above, but the technology is still just an experiment at the moment and cannot be found in elevators yet.

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