Byte, Vine’s spiritual successor, has a new owner

Byte, the spiritual successor of Vine, created by Co-founder of Vine Dominik Hofmann, was bought by Clash, a creator monetization company. Clash, co-founded by former Vine star Brendon McNerney, is itself another successful video sharing app, albeit focused on rewarding successful creators. In one declaration, the company says Byte will get the same experience in the app, which will soon be enhanced with new “monetization features”. He added that, for now, Clash and Byte will not see any disruption in their service and urged users to download Byte. It’s unclear if the apps will eventually merge or if the pair will run in parallel in case one becomes a big deal.

Hofmann will remain as an advisor at Clash, which received financial backing from the new venture capital firm from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. The goal in the future is to “put more power in the hands of creators”, in order to let them “focus on what they love”, rather than worrying about making a living. This can be an appealing proposition for creators who haven’t yet been able to access the tap of money available at once Facebook and TIC Tac. Both of these platforms, seeking to dominate the social video space, are paying creators for the exclusive rights to host material.

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