Boeing to Pay $ 2.5 Billion to Solve US 737 MAX Criminal Investigation | Aviation News

Two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 people in total.

Boeing Co will pay more than $ 2.5 billion to solve the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation into two fatal 737 MAX crashes that killed 346 people, the DOJ said.

The DOJ said the settlement includes a criminal fine of $ 243.6 million, compensation payments to customers of Boeing’s 737 MAX airline of $ 1.77 billion and the creation of a fund of $ 500. millions of dollars for beneficiaries of accident victims to compensate the heirs, parents and legal beneficiaries of passengers. .

Two fatal crashes in Indonesia in 2018 and Ethiopia in 2019 killed 346 people in total. In both crashes, the 737 MAX system repeatedly pushed the nose down due to faulty sensor readings, and the pilots were unable to regain control.

The MAX was grounded around the world in March 2019, days after the second crash. U.S. House of Representatives and Senate committee reports accused Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of failing in the aircraft’s certification process.

In November, the FAA approved changes Boeing made to the automated flight control system involved in crashes.

The Boeing 737 MAX then resumed passenger flights in the United States in late December for the first time since the 20-month security ban was lifted.

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