Biggest Challenge for Super Bowl 2021 Advertisers: Tone

It’s hard to create a Super Bowl commercial that 100 million people will love at once and want to talk about with friends. Succeed in high unemployment, intense political divide and a pandemic that has claimed the lives of 400,000 Americans? Even more then.

“Right now, if you are very calm and close your eyes, you can actually hear the sounds of the hand in every mount bay across the country,” said Don Shelford, Executive Creative Director at Fast, a Wunderman Thompson agency based in Portland, Oregon.

While no year is without difficulties and pitfalls, advertisers have the potential to offend viewers by miss the mark during Super Bowl 2021 is higher than most.

“This is the most difficult year to get it right,” said Derek Rucker, professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. If the brands that typically hold a spot during the Big Game were to consider staying one, this would likely be the year, he added.

And some are. After six straight years of Super Bowl appearances, Avocados From Mexico takes off in 2021. Hyundai is also out. The same goes for Coca-Cola, which has been releasing an in-game commercial every year since 2006, with the exception of 2019, when it ran a pre-game spot.

“This tough choice was made to ensure that we are investing in the right resources in these unprecedented times,” a statement from the beverage brand read.

Set the tone

A handful of marks have already announced their intention to take part in the Big Game, which is scheduled to air Feb. 7 on CBS, and they are taking precautions to ensure that $ 5.5 million The price tag for a 30-second slot ultimately benefits the business, rather than inciting a backlash. A number of these companies are beginners who have never set foot on such a big stage before.

Fiverr, the online marketplace for freelancers, is set to run its first Super Bowl ad after a year of strong demand for its services. The ad will build on the company’s “It Starts Here” campaign, which premiered in September and focuses on supporting and celebrating small businesses.

“The script for this spot went through a lot of iterations and revisions to make sure the tone we wanted to hit was clear,” said Gali Arnon, CMO of Fiverr. “We were extremely aware and sensitive that this would be something that millions of people around the world would see, and there would always be more research, reviews and work.

Arnon added that with everything going on in the world, she believes viewers are looking for “something that will ultimately make them smile, lift their spirits, and help them have hope for the future.”

Vroom, the ecommerce platform for used vehicles, is the first Super Bowl advertiser to run their full advertisement. The 30-second ad, created by benchmark agency Anomaly, describes buying a used car from a conventional dealership as torture. The company has show similar ads portraying car salesmen as belligerent and aggressive in the past.

“We see the ad as comical and hyperbolic, while also sympathizing with consumers for their bad dealership experiences,” said Peter Scherr, Vroom’s chief marketing officer, noting that Gallup polls show people are very unhappy with the process. traditional car buying.

Vroom also ran several rounds of consumer testing to make sure his Super Bowl ad was memorable and effective, and that its tone was relevant to viewers.

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