Automated Telegram robot sells Facebook account phone numbers

Access to a database containing 500 million private user information would be sold on a cybercrime forum. Motherboard indicates that the database, which hosts the data taken from Facebook more than two years ago, contains people phone numbers. He added that would-be stalkers can then use an automated bot for Telegram (messaging app), which allows hackers to look up those numbers to link them to an identity. Access is sold on a per-search basis, with a single search costing $ 20, although you can bulk purchase up to 10,000 research credits at a time.

The report says he tested the bot for himself and found that he could identify the number of a user who chose to keep their phone number private. Facebook reportedly confirmed that the data breach was real and that it was a security issue that was resolved in August 2019. It added that it had tested the system and found that the current Facebook credentials were not in the escape. This does mean, however, that if your phone number was linked to Facebook’s database before August 2019, your contact details could be listed for sale. Users should be on the lookout for a spike in spam calls and keep their accounts with as little data as possible.

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