AT&T killed its skinny bundled TV service

To that end, it eliminated the annual contract requirement for AT&T TV, and you are no longer required to use AT&T’s own hardware. Instead, you will be able to use third-party devices, including an Apple TV. 4K or a Roku Streaming Stick 3800RT.

The main downside is that the prices are considerably higher. The new service starts at $ 70 for a basic package with more than 65 channels and goes up to $ 95 for more than 130 channels “including regional sports networks,” according to AT&T’s website. is double the price of AT&T TV Now at launch, although it has since climbed to the last starting price of $ 55 per month with over 45 channels.

AT&T TV Now, originally DirecTV Now, got off to a strong start in 2016, eventually becoming the market leader in cord cutting by 2018. Due to the additional costs of delivering content, however, it was constrained to increase prices and early 2019, the base price had jumped and the number of over-the-air channels had dropped considerably. In September 2020, the service only had an 8% market share, far behind Hulu + Live TV with 34% and YouTube TV with 26%, according to Antenna.

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