Apple’s mixed reality headset could cost $ 3,000 and include 8K displays

Information estimates the device is in the late stages of development and could ship as early as 2022. Unsurprisingly, Apple’s first headset may not be aimed at a large audience – reportedly priced at around $ 3,000. Considering the hardware specs cited in today’s report, this is not unreasonable, but it is clear that this is less of a consumer device and more of a competitor to Microsoft’s Hololens 2. at $ 3,500.

Based on images of a 2020 ‘advanced prototype’ which Information seen, Apple’s headset is similar to a traditional VR headset in that it completely blocks out the outside world and places the wearer in a fully virtual environment; the cameras will be used to give a bit of the outside world. In this way, it looks like the headset can function as a real virtual reality device as well as an augmented reality option that combines real world views with virtual details. These cameras will also allow the device to track eye movements as well as hand gestures. It will also have LiDAR sensors, like those found on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro, to help measure distance between objects in the real world and to scale and properly present virtual objects in the real world. a real space.

The device’s headbands are said to be interchangeable and will include “spatial audio” technology, similar to what’s in the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. And it looks like Apple is working on its own internal chips to power its headphones – no big surprise given that silicon powers almost all of its hardware these days.

Apple has long been said to be working on VR and AR hardware, and today’s report confirms some details we’ve heard over the years. Back in 2018, CNET reported that Apple’s headphones could include 8K screens, and a report of Bloomberg last month said it would focus on “mostly virtual reality” and include external cameras for AR functionality and manual tracking. With multiple sources reporting similar details, it looks like we’re getting one step closer to this device becoming a reality – although it will be too expensive for most people.

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