Amy Klobuchar is the first Biden-era politician to adopt Big Tech regulations

“Let’s be clear: we have a monopoly problem. But we can’t face the biggest companies in the world with just band-aid and duct tape, ”Klobuchar said on Twitter. “We need legislation that will increase enforcement resources and tighten our antitrust laws – so I am introducing a new bill that will do just that.”

What you won’t see in the bill is a call for Congress to dissolve one of the major players in space. In this, Klobuchar’s approach differs from that of some of his more progressive counterparts in the House and Senate, and it may help the bill gain bipartisan support. When Democrats on the House Antitrust Subcommittee released their results last fall, most Republicans said they could not agree with any of his recommendations, calling a possible split from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google a “nuclear option.”

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