After Math: Tesla Recalls, Steam Streams, and COVID Checks

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Visa won’t be “advocacy” after all, the company announced last week. Following objections raised by the Department of Justice (not to mention a lawsuit), the credit card company canceled its proposed $ 5.3 billion merger with fintech start-up, Plaid. The company says it likely could have won the lawsuit had it proceeded, but that would have led to years of litigation that Visa was unwilling to spend.


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It’s no secret that the COVID pandemic has kept millions of people in their homes and in front of their screens since last March, but the time we spent playing during that time will make your jaw drop. According to Valve, the hours spent playing on its Steam service increased from 20.8 billion in 2019 to 31.3 billion last year, a 50% increase year-over-year!


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One would think that Earth has yet to set another high temperature mark last year – matching only the record set in 2016 – would at least be a silver lining in what is otherwise the growing environmental news. darker of humanity. But that wasn’t until you learned the depressed temperatures were due to the massive 46 million acre wildfires in Australia and a deadly global pandemic that has already killed millions of people.


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Now that the long-awaited COVID vaccine is finally available for people under the age of 75, it is of paramount importance to put it in the arms of essential workers and construction workers. To that end, Instacart announced that it will issue immunization allowances of $ 25 to its buyers so that they don’t have to choose between placing an order and getting the vaccine that saves their lives.

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