7 best event registration tools

When it comes to A marketing event, there are many tasks that need to be done before (as well as during and after) your event. It can get overwhelming, especially if you are part of a small team.

The good news is that there are a variety of event marketing tools available to help you with all aspects of your event, including event registration. In this blog post, we’ll cover seven of the best event registration tools on the market today.

For the sake of simplicity, the free event registration section includes an always free option for event registration. the the second section includes the event registration tools which are either always paid or offered free of charge and paid plans.

Free event registration tools

1. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

HubSpot Free Online Form Builder Event Registration Tool


HubSpot’s free online form builder makes it easy to create, integrate, and share forms with your audience. The drag-and-drop builder simplifies the process of designing your registration forms – then all the participant contact information obtained is automatically stored in your CRM.

Share your event registration form on a website or webpage. There are over 1000 form fields and over 12 types of fields that you can use to customize your event registration form. Then, decide if you want to trigger notifications when an attendee registers for your event by filling out and submitting your form.

Are you a WordPress user? Well, HubSpot still applies to you thanks to the WordPress HubSpot plugin.


When it comes to using HubSpot as an event registration tool (or as your CMS, CRM, Marketing software, Sales software, or Service software, by the way), you have a lot of flexibility – even if your website is built on WordPress. In reality, HubSpot’s free WordPress plugin, which is built natively in WordPress, helps capture, organize, and engage visitors with free forms (as well as live chat, contact management, email marketing, and analytics).

Select to receive notifications once an attendee has completed their registration, as well as to automate event-related follow-up emails. Use the drag-and-drop form builder for your event registration or stick to the WordPress builders you already use (this is made possible by the many integrations that HubSpot offers, like Forms of gravity). Finally, integrated analysis and reporting dashboards allow you to easily track your participants and their contact data.

Next, let’s look at some other event recording tools.

Best online registration tools

2. Google Forms

best google forms online event registration tools


Google has a variety of tools that you can use every day (I know I do) – Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are just a few examples. So what about a Google Events Registration Tool? Well, Google Forms provides the necessary functionality for that. Similar to other Google products, Google Forms offers a plan for personal use (free) and a plan for your team (paid for and offering increased security and control).

With this paid Google Business plan, you can create event registration forms for attendees, students, or patients and track all registrations. To create the registration forms for your event, simply open a new form and start customizing the form fields. Drag and drop these form fields so that they are positioned accordingly, and add images, videos, and custom logic as you like.

Then, send the signup forms directly to the email addresses of your audience members and view the data on the submitted forms in the built-in analytics dashboard.


Google Forms workspace requires a Google business plan. You will have access to other Google products in addition to Froms with a paid plan. The price of the plans ranges from $ 6 per month to $ 18 per month. If you want to use the product at the enterprise level, contact a representative for a quote.

3. Splash

Splash best online event registration tools


Splash is an event marketing program for online, in-person, and hybrid events. This tool allows you to design and customize responsive web pages and emails for your event. When it comes to participant registration, choose to share registration forms and RSVPs that your audience can then easily send back to you. Smart guest list, targeting, and email marketing features exist to optimize and streamline event registration and promotion.

Splash also provides the tools to register attendees, share event polls, and run sweepstakes and contests. Integrate Splash with your marketing and CRM automation platform, and analyze event data through the tool’s reporting dashboard.

Integrate Splash with HubSpot to create, schedule, and host branded events from a single tool and leverage attendee data in HubSpot for future campaigns and events.


Try Splash for free, request a demo, or speak to a sales representative to learn more about the right plan for your team.

4. Eventbrite

eventbrite best online event registration tools


Eventbrite is an ideal event technology platform to support and manage any event you host. The tool’s event logging feature is so easy to use that it only requires three steps.

Start by entering your event details. This is when you will finalize your event: who, what, where, when and why.

Next, create your tickets – choose whether your tickets will be free or not, as well as the type of tickets you will offer (for example, pass for one or more days). This is also when you will determine whether you want to offer a discount or a promo code for advance purchases and group purchases.

Finally, open the registration to your audience through the webpage or social media. Specifically, Eventbrite makes it easy to share the listing through Facebook and Instagram.


Eventbrite offers both free and paid plans. The Essentials and Professional plans are free if you host a free event. Eventbrite will only charge you when you sell a paid ticket.

If you are By organizing a free event, you have access to all the features offered in the Essentials plan and you have access to all the features offered in the Professional plan, with the exception of support by phone, chat and email. There is also a third plan option, Premium, which offers the most flexibility and customization at the highest price.

5. Whovawhova best online event registration tools


Whova is an event management tool that comes with a online registration function. Create tickets in minutes and personalize registration in multiple ways. Offer discounted prices (for advance or group ticket purchases), offer different types of tickets (for example, single or multi-day passes), and ask attendees questions about your event when they register (eg. example, what made them attend your event or what excites them the most).

You can also create a registration web page and embed widgets to link to your registration, as well as use the real-time reporting dashboard to track sales and participation.


Contact Whova directly for a quote through their pricing page.

6. Wild apricot

wild apricot best online event registration tools


Wild Apricot is membership and event management software with an online event registration feature. The tool makes it easy to create an online event listing that appeals to your target audience and includes images and your online event registration form. Any event you create with Wild Apricot is added to the tool’s calendar and / or to your website so your audience can learn more and register for the event from anywhere.

Share discounts or promo codes for early bookings, offer add-ons at checkout, and schedule automatic confirmation emails to be sent to attendees. Wild Apricot also automates the promotion of your event, accepts online payments, and manages event registration. The tool even allows participants to connect and network through the mobile app.


Wild Apricot offers eight different plans ranging from free to $ 600 per month. Each plan offers different features and capabilities as well as a free trial so you can test the tool before committing to it.

seven. Bizzabo

bizzabo best online event registration tools


Bizzabo is an event management platform for all events, including those that are online, in person and hybrid. The software offers a event registration tool which is customizable and embeddable so attendees can register without ever leaving the event website. You can also customize your event registration form so that its design complements the event.

Customize the fields on your event registration form to ensure you get all the information you need from attendees, then view those details in Bizzabo’s contact management dashboard. Bizzabo also integrates with a few social media platforms so that you can promote your event and easily share the content that your attendees post.


Contact the Bizzabo team for your free demo and a quote.

Think about the different features you need in a registration tool for your event and start sharing the event registration with members of your audience. Then sit back and watch the registrations of participants start pouring in.

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